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Money Money


Year, I know... it's more a sketch than a real drawing, but... hey, it's the first try, remember? oo"

I drawed it some weeks ago, but we have no scanner... >.< so, this is just a blurred photo...

Do someone recognize Ginny? ^^" 

Vogel am 26.4.09 19:11

coma - eckhart



 Ok, finally. It's not exactly like that, I had in my mind when I startet working on it. But in the end, I'm pretty happy with this one. Although the text in the human isn't readable. But... Niewazne? :D

To the pic itself:

The text in the background is taken from the eckhart lyrics. Actually it should be rafs favourite part, but stary couldn't decide which one IS his favourite part, so i took just anyone. _ _" Same thing with words, that filles the people. It's just the lyrics.

While I read  about eckharts philosophies I found the part, that now is yellow and barely readable. The first thing I had to think on was fight club, and so I decided to take this one - and one of the main-quotes of the novel. Cause I think, anyhow the song, eckharts philosophy and parts from the novel are fitting together very well. ^^

Erm... Yeah. That's it, I suppose. Hope you like it   Any interpretations are your part of work. If u wanne, let me know! :D




Spunk am 26.4.09 13:30

raf is hungry

Raf jest głupi. Cause the idiot gave me a 10 minutes song. And i searched like hell, but i couldn't find the epic 12 minutes live-version of 'black friday rule'. Damn it. Damn you, dupku!

So this time you may have won, but i swear by the holy pants of merlin, the revenge will be mine! >=)


Spunk to Raf: I'm gonna be (500 miles)

Spunk am 16.4.09 22:21

"blahblahblabhachrisiscool" - like u wanted :P

hm, sooo, mein turn now.. ^^;

i haven`t any ideas for topic for spunk (s-pink?) so... here you are :P

good luck stary >=)


raf to spunk: Ekhart
raf am 16.4.09 21:36

first try

oookay folks... I don't believe this will work, but... lets try XD

 (uh-oh... I'm an artist of english-language-art... :P)


vogel to katze: Redemption Song

katze to vogel: Money Money


to our boys: insert your dunno-how-to-call-creativity-shit-application here :D
Vogel am 8.4.09 00:46

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