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Raf to Katze

i thought long time what wish put here but finally i decided that it'll be sth nice and easy (this time) 
it's this song:

Phantom Planet - Our House

don't look at this videoclip cuz is shit but i can't find other better 

raf am 18.9.09 23:37

Spunk am 12.9.09 12:26

Vogels wish

i think, if we do not post our wishes now, it will die again. so I start.... year... yo Raf! hope you like this ;D

SubSeven - Weatherman

fourlittlebirds am 11.9.09 18:26

Oookay. With an absolutly awsome system I figured out who will send his next wish to whom.

So, listen to the master of incomprehensible explanations...


Spunk will send his wish to Vogel

Vogel will send her wish to Raf

Raf will send his wish to Katze

Katze will send her wish to Spunk


 I thought it would be funnier to do it this way. Yo. Then... do it! :D

Vogel am 25.8.09 17:23

Next try


Question! Who is sending a topic to who now? ôO Katzes pic is still missing, but we should turn around quand même. So... What? 

Spunk am 12.8.09 23:35

Next Try?

Zazoon, creepers!

I think we should start the next try, shouldn't we. Or this project is going to die. ... okay. I think it's dead now, but  we could reanimate it?

Vogel am 11.8.09 18:09

The Proclaimers - I`m Gonna Be


so late but finally i done ^^;

photo taken by me, model me, remake by me, doors found in net
hope you like this one.
raf am 17.5.09 00:42

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